Solo Talks: The Future of Technology

Playing Blind: Exploring Accessibility in Digital Games

In this talk, I will share findings from my PhD regarding accessibility in games to people with visual impairment. I will talk about the habits, concerns and opinions of a group of gamers with visual impairment whom I have interviewed, I will discuss current approaches to making games accessible to people with visual impairment, and will describe my own approach of using echolocation -sound and echo reverberations- to improve accessibility in games.

Ronny Andrade

RONNY ANDRADE – Researcher at The University of Melbourne


Towards an Inclusive Startup Ecosystem

“What does it mean to be inclusive?
How does it look right now?
How it should be in the future?
What are we doing in HQ to achieve that?
What we believe everyone else should do to participate?”

Aiman Hamdouna

AIMAN HAMDOUNA – Founder & CEO at Hatch Quarter Pty Ltd


Designing for Everyone

We all know that inclusion is important but what’s its economic impact? The Centre for inclusive design commissioned a report that oils to answer this very question.

Dr. Manisha Amin

DR. MANISHA AMIN – CEO at Centre for Inclusive Design


The Inclusion Evolution at Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband started as a small regional ISP about 15 years ago in a loungeroom in Gippsland’s Latrobe Valley. In the last three years it has accelerated its growth and today is Australia’s 5th largest NBN provider. Still based in one of Australia’s lowest socio-economic areas, Aussie attributes its phenomenal growth in a large part to its unique culture and staff. Inclusion is a natural part of the company’s DNA under its value of “being good to people”, but it also has a deliberate focus on inclusion. This presentation follows the company’s inclusion evolution.

JANET GRANGER-WILCOX – General Manager Corporate Affairs at Aussie Broadband


A New Perspective on Wealth Creation: How to Create Positive Generational Mental Wealth to Impact Your Life and Business

What if the majority of business leaders were as focused on mental health and they are financial wealth? For starters, we would know more about the connection between mental health and mental wealth, and how mental health isn’t the lack of mental illness. This talk will discuss 3 ways that leaders (founders, managers, advisors) can create generational mental wealth and a positive impact on organizational operations. The discussion will include mental wealth examples from Anthony’s life, recent research, and other relevant case studies.

Anthony Ware

ANTHONY WARE – Principal at AWare Catalysts