Panel: You Can Be What You See – DI in Media

Having a diverse representation of people in media images and content, is critical to creating an inclusive landscape in any ecosystem. It can also give companies a competitive edge, with attracting talent, connecting to customers as well as creating positive influence for underrepresented groups in society, which benefits everyone. Join That Startup Show makers, Anna Reeves, Ahmed Salama and Ben Law (Creator of The Family Law) and Marsha Uppill, founder of the startup Arranyinha, for an enlivening conversation about diversity in media, the power of storytelling and why it’s so important to make diversity and inclusion a visible and powerful force in your media strategy. The future belongs to everyone.


Ahmed Salama

AHMED SALAMA – Creative Director at That Startup Show

Ben Law

DR. BEN LAW – Host at That Startup Show

Marsha Uppill

MARSHA UPPILL – Founder at Arranyinha


Anna Reeves

ANNA REEVES – CEO & Co-Founder at That Startup Show