Interactive Session: Allyship Talks and Discussion

The Inclusion Fallacy

As a blind woman, I’m excluded daily as a consumer. Inclusion is the ‘everyone’ view, exclusion is the individual, and it’s personal. Fallacy: Inclusion is about making EVERYTHING inclusive of EVERYONE. Fact: Inclusion is about being deliberately considerate of diversity and awake to assumptions and bias. Fallacy: Inclusion is about removing all colour; making everything grey so as not to offend anyone. Fact: Inclusion is about celebrating diversity and raising the bar for everyone. Fallacy: Inclusion is about giving people who are excluded, unfair advantages. Fact: Inclusion is about supporting people to have what they need to be included and participate fully.

Kelly Schulz

KELLY SCHULZ – Customer Inclusion Protagonist at Customer Inc


Bla(c)k Success: re-presenting The White Man’s Game

Is it possible to be both Indigenous and successful? Many First Nation’s people within Australia live in two worlds – one black, one white, and for our young people the task of navigating between these two worlds often proves difficult. With suicide rates at an all-time high in Indigenous communities, it is critical that we move beyond its isolation as an ‘Aboriginal problem’, and look at where our young Indigenous people are at a loss in both worlds. In this talk, I will unpack how culture and community remain intrinsic to Indigenous wellbeing, and look at how this can be integrated in the western education system. Through personal experiences, research and my own work, I will forge a narrative of Indigenous success through mentorship, and illustrate some of the ways in which young people can feel a sense of purpose and belonging in themselves, their communities and wider Australia.

Michelle Kerrin

MICHELLE KERRIN – Emerging Community Leader and Social Advocate


It’s Not about You: Putting Your Privilege to Good Use

Ross Floate finally realised how privileged he was when he shared what he thought was a life-hack with some friends. In this short talk shares some actionable ways he’s found that put his privilege to work for other people.

Ross Floate

ROSS FLOATE – Creative and Strategy Director at We are you


Interactive Allyship Session Facilitated by Melinda Briana Epler

Melinda Briana Epler

MELINDA BRIANA EPLER – Founder, CEO at Change Catalyst